The Palladio range

The Palladio “Trusted by Danfoss” range is currently divided into 3 series of compact screw compressors, i.e. characterized by the presence of an integrated oil separator.

Compact screw compressors

The optimal choice for use in medium-large sized chillers, intended for the production of chilled water, these compressors find application in the air conditioning, industrial process cooling, agri-food and ice rink sectors. Another area in which Palladio compressors find perfect application is that of heat pumps, with the possibility of reaching particularly high condensing temperatures, thanks to specific design measures merged into dedicated series.

K1 series

Integrated liquid-cooled inverter

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K2 series

Slide valve capacity control (4 steps or stepless)

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The newest member of the Palladio family


QUBO series

An innovative design that does not go unnoticed.
Compact, easy, efficient.

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Where to use Palladio

Palladio compressors are suitable for a wide range of applications and they offer to the designers a great flexibility, high performance and the security of a totally “made in Italy” product.

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