K1 Series

Compact screw compressors with integrated liquid-cooled inverter

K1 is the spearhead of the Palladio project and represents the state of the art in the field of screw technology with integrated inverter, worldwide. Thanks to the use of a latest generation integrated inverter, entirely developed by Palladio and cooled with refrigerant, the K1 series compressors offer maximum flexibility of use with an electric motor rotation speed between 1200 and 4200 rpm. The use of the inverter, unlike traditional capacity control systems, allows the maintenance of maximum compression efficiency throughout the entire range of permitted use, regardless of the engine rotation speed. There are 6 models available, with displaced volumes between 578 and 1134 m3/h (4200 rpm).


The mechanical characteristics of the K1 series are the same of the K2 series.
The specific characteristics of the K1 series are listed below.

Optional Features

K1 left side view

K1 right side view

Models Code

Technical Data

The data shown in the table are referred to K1 compressors with standard motor optimized for application with “low pressure” refrigerant fluids (e.g. R134a, motor size S). Other motors are also available for applications with “high pressure” refrigerant fluids and particular uses.

Data subject to possible updates without notice

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