Palladio is a RefPower’s project

Why the name Palladio

Since the beginning of this new project, the idea of giving it a name which was not a simple and cold commercial acronym, made its way. At the end, after various more or less imaginative hypotheses, we all agreed on Palladio name, in particular for two reasons.

The first one is that the architect Andrea Palladio (Padua, 30 November 1508 – Maser, 19 August 1580) is one of the most crystalline and representative artistic talents which Veneto, and in particular Vicenza (where RefPower is located), expressed during the history, with an invaluable legacy in terms of works which are still of great attraction for tourists and scholars from all over the world.

The second one is that we found interesting analogies between the characteristics of our project and the peculiarities of the famous architect, that are the ability to innovate the purity and simplicity of classical architecture by building works in harmony with man and nature and the practical engineering intelligence with which he was able to deal with and solve complex technical problems.

Palladio was born from the idea of ​​proposing an innovative screw compressors project to the market, where to bring together the technical skills gained in over twenty years of compressors design and manufacturing and the experience gained by RefPower in the after-sales field.

The result is a complete range of state-of-the-art, high-performance and reliable screw compressors for applications in the AC, in the process cooling and the industrial refrigeration sectors.

The design philosophy followed by RefPower has reversed the typical sector’s canons: in fact, firstly the compressor with integrated inverter was developed to subsequently derive the standard compressor which provides, however, the possibility of using an external inverter. Maximum importance was given to the parallel optimization of mechanics and electronics and their perfect integration in the compressor. There is the possibility of using compressors with HFC, HFO and natural refrigerant fluids such as R290 (Propane).

Special precautions, such as the possibility to automatically check the compressor’s VI, both at full and partial load, lead to get the maximum energy efficiency with the aim of providing chiller manufacturers with screw compressors with adequate performance to the achievement of the ambitious goals set by current and future European and international regulations.