QUBO Series

Compact screw compressors with integrated oil separator

QUBO stands out from any other compact screw compressors available in the market for its original shape (patented) and its extreme compactness. Never as in this case form and substance combine perfectly: the multi-stage technology used for the oil separation, along with the positioning of the oil separator under the compressor instead of in line with it, beside making the compressor extremely compact have brought the oil separation level to an extremely high value, not achievable with the traditional longitudinal oil separators. The extreme compactness of QUBO makes it easy to position the compressor inside an air cooled chiller, facilitating the designers’ work thus giving them an higher degree of freedom when designing the entire cooling unit.
The range currently consists of 3 compressors, but will be completed shortly with the addition of 5 further models, up to a displaced volume of 380 m3/h (50 Hz).


Qubo Vista laterale Sx

QUBO left side view

Qubo Vista laterale Dx

QUBO right side view

Qubo Vista frontale

QUBO front view

Qubo Vista posteriore

QUBO rear view

Models code

Technical data

The electrical data refer to compressors equipped with “full size” motor version; other motor sizes are available, depending on the refrigerant and the operating conditions.

* Compressor equipped with motor size “F”, optimized for high pressure refrigerants (es. R407C, R290). Power supply 400V/3/50Hz – 460V/3/60Hz

** Data refers to application with refrigerant R407C

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