The advantages deriving from the possibility of modifying the Vi of a screw compressor have long been well known in the applications of air conditioning, process cooling and heat pumps.

The “self-tuning” device, available as an option in the PALLADIO compressors of the KI series with integrated inverter, is a particularly sophisticated solution for obtaining the automatic variation of the Vi in the range between 2.2 and 4.4.

A sophisticated algorithm managed by the inverter itself allows constant monitoring of the operating conditions of the compressor and consequently modifies the Vi of the compressor.

The final result of this process is that the compressor continuously adapts its VI to the precise working conditions of the chiller, always working at the highest possible level of efficiency.

This device is useful in those applications where the working conditions of the compressor, identified by the suction and discharge pressures, change significantly over time (for example in reversible heat pumps) leading to a significant increase in the average seasonal efficiency parameters such as SEPR., SEER, SCOP.

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